First Aid

Staying at home, going away or needing a kit for your sports team
make sure your first aid kit is easily accessible


RESCUE SAM is a semi-automatic external defibrillator
that is lightweight and provides simple and direct indications

Travel Socks

Your perfect travel companion - prevent DVT and help promote
healthy veins while travelling


A range of absorbent
washable continence underwear


A wide range of discreet continence products to suit your needs

Click here to view the continence product guide

Sports Tape

Kinesiology Tape for supporting common sports injuries

  • USL Sport School Sideline First Aid Kit

    NZD $58.00
  • Paracare Tablets Pkt20

    NZD $4.80
  • Dermal Therapy Blistop 32.5ml

    NZD $17.00
  • Conni Mens Brief

    NZD $33.00NZD $38.00
  • Conni Ladies Brief

    NZD $30.00
  • CONFITEX Womens Full Brief

    NZD $44.95
  • Paracare Tablets Pkt20

    NZD $4.80
  • McDavid 463 Lightweight Shoulder Support

    NZD $75.00
  • USL Sport Non-Woven Cohesive Bandage

    NZD $4.50NZD $9.50
  • MAM Bite N Brush

    NZD $14.50
  • Paracare Tablets Pkt20

    NZD $4.80
  • Ocean Hypoallergenic Wipes 30’s

    NZD $4.50
  • JOYCE Full Face Silk Gel Mask

    NZD $250.00
  • JOYCE One Nasal Mask

    NZD $170.00
  • JOYCE Full Face Mask

    NZD $225.00
  • Ocean Hypoallergenic Wipes 30’s

    NZD $4.50
  • MAM Breast Pads 30’s

    NZD $9.50
  • MAM Nipple Shields

    NZD $19.50